Laterality, Personality and soccer Goalkeepers

Laterality, Personality and Soccer Goalkeepers

Many of the answers to questions related primarily to the performance of the goalkeeper, in particular those which have to do with laterality, personality and decision-making, are found in studies of Neuroscience and Sport, through which we know that the goalkeeper is a mixture of biomechanical-emotional reactions, who, after obtaining the necessary information to respond, interprets and processes this information mentally, and acts with brain programmes which help to better understand why the choice of either one technical response or another to a specific tactical situation collectively or individually is made.

All the actions made by the goalkeeper in competition, are always performed under a high level of pressure. Because making effective decisions in short periods of time, and in continually changing situations is difficult and sometimes highly stressful. But whatever the situation that is presented to him during the game, the goalkeeper is always required to be balanced and secure in all his actions. With a mental direction in his brain that leads towards behaviour and a collective aim, which in quality terms translates into “clean sheet”.

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